A must-see for overseas travelers!Reasons for applying for renewal of driver's license before the period of travel abroad

Hello, overseas travel has become stricter due to the influence of Corona,

Still, I think that there is a person who has to travel.

I think that there are many things to prepare for, but one of the things you should not forget is the renewal of your driver's license.

Driver's license basically receives a postcard for renewal one month before your birthday, but some people may be wondering what to do because it expires while traveling abroad.It is an article for such a person today.

The police station I went to update had so-so people in the rain.

Renewal of driver's license before overseas travel

Usually, you can renew your driver's license only one month before the month of birth, but it will be accepted even before the period.It is also described as follows on the website of the Ministry of Police.

Even before the normal renewal application period (before one month before the birthday at the time of renewal), if it is not possible to complete the procedure during the period due to circumstances such as overseas business trip, hospitalization, childbirth, etc., it is possible to renew the license even before the renewal period as a special case.However, in addition to the driver's license, application form, fee, etc. required for the normal renewal procedure, a document certifying the reason is required.In the case of overseas business trips, it is necessary to prove that procedures cannot be completed in order to leave the country during the renewal period, such as passports and business trip orders, proof that procedures cannot be completed due to hospitalization during the renewal period, such as medical certificates in the case of hospitalization, and documents certifying that they cannot be completed due to hospitalization during the renewal period, such as a mother and child handbook in the case of child and child handbook.In addition, if you renew before the renewal period, the validity period of the driver's license will be shorter than the normal renewal.In addition, the application for renewal on behalf of the person is not permitted, so the person in question must complete the renewal procedure.

About the documents required for the renewal before the period

The documents required for pre-period renewal are as follows:In this case, I will prepare the necessary documents for it because I will move overseas.

  • Passport
  • Driver's license
  • Resident card (only for people who plan to change their address)

The last resident card is only for the person who needs it.The person who needs it is, for example, the person whose license address remains as before, for example, changing the address before traveling, and not ing the address change notification to the police station.So, you don't usually have to worry about it.

Procedures required to renew before the period

All you have to do is take the documents you just done earlier to the designated license renewal site.For example, in Shibuya, you can do the following:


You can also check on the website of the police station, but it is better to refer to the site that the individual made in Google because it is not the one that could be used.

Disadvantages of pre-period renewal

As a disadvantage, even if the expiration date of the current license remains, the remaining expiration date will disappear when you renew the license.For example, let's say you have an update month in December of this year.If you renew the period before the period in June, the period from June to December will also be counted as one year, so the expiration date of five years will be reduced to four years and a half year period.

If you forget to renew before the period after leaving the country

If you forget to renew your license after you leave the country, there are two things:

Go back to Japan and update again.

To be honest, I do not recommend it, and there is a possibility that work such as putting it again when I pull out the resident card comes out, and I do not recommend it even if I think about transportation expenses and various things.But if you really want to do it, let's do it.

talk about the situation at the police station after returning to Japan

If you tell the reason after returning to Japan, there is an exemption from the examination, etc., and it is possible to re-issue it.However, the following conditions are required:

When there are unavoidable circumstances

Within 6 months of revocation

Both the skill test and the department examination are exempted, and only aptitude tests such as vision and hearing will be conducted.The blank period from the pre-license revocation to the acquisition of a new driver's license will also be treated as holding a driver's license.It is necessary to re-acquire a driver's license, but since there is no break in the excellent driver period, the disadvantage of revocation can be reduced.However, in this case, the next license renewal date will be very close.Don't neglect to check when the next update date is.

More than 6 months after expiration, less than three years (within one month after the end of unavoidable circumstances)

Both the skill test and the department examination are exempted, and the contents are the same as the above"within six months of revocation".However, if more than one month has passed since the end of unavoidable circumstances, the following conditions will be the same as "if there are no unavoidable circumstances".If there are no unavoidable circumstances, both the skill test and the department examination are exempted within six months from the revocation, and only aptitude tests such as vision and hearing will be conducted.However, it is important to note that you must have a driver's license during the blank period during the expiration period.If you are a good driver, you will not be eligible with the expiration of your previous driver's license.

If it is more than 6 months since its revocation and less than one year

You will be exempted from the provisional license skill test and the department examination.

More than one year after revocation

There is no exemption from both the skill test, the department examination, and the provisional license examination."Unavoidable circumstances" is as described above, but it is necessary to submit a document certifying the unavoidable circumstances.In the case of overseas travel, it is common to submit a "Japanese return record" owned by the Ministry of Justice, so-called immigration history.In the past, a passport with an immigration stamp was proven, but in recent years the immigration gate has been automated at major airports in Japan, and the seal on the passport has been omitted, so be sure to stamp it before you leave the country!If you don't push it, you're more likely to get out.

In addition, there are many things to prepare, and the renewal fee is likely to cost twice as much as usual.

  • A resident's card with a domicile
  • One expired license photo
  • Identity verification (health insurance card, passport, personal number card, etc.)
  • Update notice postcard (*You can proceed even if you do not have it)
  • Proof that you were overseas (passport)


As is the case with the corona measures and corona measures everywhere update place, the patrol is blunt, isn't it?It's not a service industry, so that's fine.

How was it?If you do not come back for a while overseas, I think that I understood well that the renewal before the period is advantageous.You can do the procedure immediately, so please take this opportunity to do it.

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