Leave the room

The day when the room moved out came and I finally left the room I spent four years with.

On that day, I woke up at 5 am, dumped the futon at the garbage dump, and packed the suitcase.

There are still four hours before witnessing the real estate.

While drinking tea, I looked back on the past.

Returning to Japan, working in Tokyo, taking care of my father's last days, getting married

I remembered the memories of the last four years.

As I was lost in my memory, the minister, who was taking care of me, received a call.

Thank you for the catalog that I sent to you to celebrate the birth.

It was a nice conversation for myself, who recently had conversations only with my wife and my best friend.

He prayed for the safety of my new trip and greeted him again.

Real estate witness

Shortly thereafter, the real estate came to witness.

The real estate handed me a business card and introduced myself, but as a person who does not want to increase the amount of garbage any more, I am sorry, but it was a nuisance.

I put my business card in my pocket and started checking the real estate.

While carefully checking the wall, I reported that the wallpaper was torn by replacing the boiler on the way.

The wallpaper of this boiler was torn when the contractor, who the landlord ordered, replaced the boiler, which had been in bad shape since the beginning of the move.

It seems that a bad boiler had leaked water from the beginning, so he had to pay for the water that he had leaked.

The silent real estate check is over.

Before moving out, the real estate said, "Speaking of which, MODO is moving to Hokkaido, right?Actually, my parents also moved to Hakodate."

Up until now, the atmosphere was so crowded that I couldn't help.

After chatting lightly that Hakodate is a wonderful place, I left my house where I lived for 4 years.

Annoying braille block

When I left the house, I left the house with an eco bag with a suitcase, a backpack and 10kg of luggage.

The curbstone was the one that hindered me most when carrying my luggage, but it was the Braille block.

Even though the world is shifting to barrier-free, I can't understand that there are still Braille blocks in Japan that go against the times.

What's more, if the Braille block is said to be a hindrance, criticism from a visible person as a murderer is given.

Not to say this, braille proponents don't calmly think about things, consider alternatives, or listen calmly to the opposition.In other words, they often lack the ability to think.

Braille blocks may have been useful in the past, but they are only an obstacle for wheelchairs and carrybacks.

In the first place, I wonder if the person who uses the Braille block sees five people a year.

There are overwhelmingly more people using carrybacks than those using braille blocks.

Moreover, even if you don't have the Braille block of the present age, you can easily avoid it by using GPS and beacons.

It is often pointed out that the batteries run out, but if it was a cane used by blind people, there would be no child.

In addition, in the case of Hokkaido, many braille blocks will be scraped and become unusable during snow removal work.

In this era of the present, there are devices that have a month to charge.

It can be said that the battery problem has already been resolved.

Still, if you run into a battery problem, it's just that you forget it.

Even if it's blind, the contents are common sense, so why not think too much about it?

Anyway, I think that Braille block is a product of Tenaku that has not been developed since it was developed.

From now on, we will use a universal design or device that changes to this.

It was a day that made me feel that we should make a society that combines scenery and livability.