Curry becomes dramatically delicious!Recipes for making curry with beer are published.


How do you usually make curry?Do you make it according to the recipe of curry roux?Or do you put coffee or tomatoes in your hidden flavor?

It is said that coffee is put in the curry of the Maritime Self-Defense Force as a hidden taste.

However, today, I will tell you how to add beer in the hidden taste and become a more bitter taste.

In the first place, I got a bad beer that had expired.

There used to be a company that distributed beer for free as part of an event when I was working at Wework.The label was also printed properly, and when I drank it with great expectations for the taste, Um… I tasted Gero as an honest impression.If anything, the smell was gero.At this time, my co-workers said they were good at first, but when I saw that I couldn’t drink more than half of them after all, it was bad.However, the beer companies there seem to be improving all the time, so I hope that this beer will be improved as well.

However, I didn’t want to do it myself, so I got a surplus beer and saved it until today.Recently, when I checked the expiration date, I think it’s so far off!

Or rather, since the event was one year ago in the first place, I thought that it would expire too early, but as a result of considering how to use it, I decided to use it for curry.And last January means it’s only been a month since it was distributed at that event?

The beer I got at the WeWork event.The best before date is January 22, 19 years.

I’m not sure if this is a beer specification or if the expiration date I was handing out at the event is over, but I decided to use beer even though it was somehow subtle.

When to put beer in curry

It’s easy to add beer to curry, stir-fry garlic and onions, add beef and stir-fry further.Then, if you think the beef has been cooked to some extent, pour the beer in.About 300ml is good.This beer was 330ml, so I drank 30ml.

When it’s cooked this much, I’ll put in a beer.
The bubbles of beer are in a shudder.

After serving beer, add carrots and potatoes in about 3 minutes.Then cover and wait for about 15 minutes, and if you think you don’t have enough water, add water to your liking and adjust it.

In my case, I put laurier here or put pepper in it to add a fragrance.

The taste of Gero had disappeared from the beer which had expired.

Summer beer is great!

By the way, the person who had expired had the fragrance of the flower and the gero-likeness disappeared (laughs).However, there is a memory of the last Gero taste, and after all, it did not become feelings to be able to drink Gab gab .

If you put curry roux, it’s ready!

After boiling the pot that you just boiled down, turn off the heat and add the curry roux.Put it in until thickened, cover it when it’s just right and leave it for 10 minutes and you’re done!

The curry which seems to be delicious was made.

The taste of the curry was very delicious!I thought that it was bitter, but it was not such a thing, and there was a richness, and it was a very good finish.And, the meat is soft though it cooked in a short time.

Please take advantage of the excess beer by all means!