In the life of a multi-ethnic capsule hotel

I decided to stay at a capsule hotel in Asakusa from the time I left home until my trip.

It has already been about 4 days since I stayed at the hotel, but I still have a new life.

The people living here are somehow closed or dark.

As I happened to get down to the front to get my toothbrush, Miss Hong Kong asked me about my profession.

After telling you that you are a designer, you have a conversation and why do you go to Turkey?

I was talking about which country I've been to.

Along the way, she talked about it all over the world, so I talked about it

I stopped it.

I don't hate people, but it seems that talking to other people has become frustrating recently.

This is because the residents who stay here are sorry but unattractive.

Maybe a great person is staying there, but that doesn't mean there is anything.

In the first place, people staying at this inn are about 1300 yen per night.

Since it is an international capsule hotel, it may be aiming for it, too.

Staying at a cheap hotel including myself is a hobby, stingy, or not so successful.

Up until now, I have been meeting Japanese people overseas, but the aura of Japanese people who have lived abroad with some success is somewhat different.

There may be one thing that I also wanted to be that kind of person.

Somehow I didn't want to get involved because I didn't want to see an adult who was traveling a poor journey beyond 40. .. ..

I also didn't want to be like that.

Of course, it would be nice if the person himself was happy,

By the age of 40, take a taxi at a decent hotel so that you can travel elegantly in business class

I want to do my best now