Visit a restaurant by the sea

I decided to take a bus from Istanbul to Antalia in Turkey.

There are two bus stops in Istanbul, one of which is a metro station called Ortoga and the other is a bus stop called Ortga in the suburbs.

The bus stop in the suburbs seems to be bad, but as far as the reviews are concerned, it looks like a good bus stop.

On the other hand, there are constant reviews that bus stops directly connected to the Metro are dangerous areas.

I was asked to go to the bus stop there, but I thought it was dangerous to go to a bus stop in the suburbs even if it was not a dangerous zone for me who was not a local and did not understand the language at all.

I decided to go to the bus stop at the risk here.

However, it is tasteless to get on the metro and go to the bus stop as it is.

So I decided to walk to the Metro to the bus stop.

I visited the Blue Mosque with my wife and tried to visit it before I could go, but unfortunately I had to hide my hair with a scarf.

Moreover, it gave up because it was necessary to suppress the exposure of the skin.

Of course, there are some places that rent out, but the reason is that I thought that it was not necessary to see it by force because I stayed for 25 Turkish liras and stayed for a long time anyway.

After seeing the exterior of the mosque, I walked with my wife to find a restaurant for lunch.

There was a good place in Google map.

My wife said she wanted to go here, but it looks expensive.

However, I wonder what to do with stinginess at such a time though I am living a cheap house and a cheap life like this now.

I decided to go.Well, I thought that it might be good to go to the luxury of about 5000 yen once a week once in a while.

When I was walking on Google map, the restaurant was a restaurant along the coast facing a big road along the way to the coast.There were no traffic lights nearby, so I decided to cross it to see when there was no car.

However, there was a car which did not do the principle at all, and there was a car which ran all the way by us, and it was irritated especially about the car which ran Noronoro.

Because of the car, other cars come and I can't cross it any more, so I'd rather stop or slow down than run.

Because of that, I was finally able to cross to the vicinity of the coast.

There was a blue sea near the beach as far as the sky could see, and it felt great.

I've been in the city of Istanbul so I'm tired of people.

It's been a long time since I've seen a peaceful wind in a place where there are no people, and it made me re-recognize that I came to Istanbul for sightseeing.

Until now, I had never been very impressed when I went to Istanbul.

No, to be precise, I couldn't afford to be moved.

As we walked along the sun-lit road, we were able to find a restaurant along the coast.