The difficulty of living in Japan is due to the garbage problem.

Two months have passed since I decided to move to Turkey.

I was going to be pretty prepared for two months ago, but it didn't go as I expected.

The biggest reason for the failure to move is household goods.

Chairs, desks, refrigerators, and washing machines These things really get in the way when you move.

At the very least, i want a desk and a chair to rent, and a washing machine or refrigerator as a standard.

I still wonder why the air conditioner has to buy the refrigerator and the washing machine by oneself in a certain habit.

Also, aside from buying, it's also a big question why you have to pay a recycling fee when you discard it.

The reason why it is not possible to destroy it if it is not a day to separate garbage and collect garbage is the cause that the room cannot be settled because such a system cannot throw away garbage flexibly after all.

In the first place, even though there is an indoor garbage station, I do not understand the meaning whether it is a garbage station for deciding the day to throw away garbage.

I understand that the garbage station outside should not be put out only on the collection date because there is damage of the crow, but the lid closes properly.

Wouldn't it be nice to throw away the place where there is a dedicated station outside the collection date?

Mysterious inhabitant tax

There is a mysterious tax called resident tax in Japan.It is said that double taxation, but the country and local governments are still carrying out the difference.

Also, some local governments sell special garbage bags, but I can't understand why they need to buy special garbage bags.

In the first place, garbage is collected by resident tax, so it should be covered by resident tax.

To be honest, if you have the money to maintain a library with only outdated books and a community center in a town where you can use it,

I want you to pass the resident tax which is useful for life to garbage.

I'm really angry because the resident tax is more expensive than income tax.

The garbage problem that deprived Airbnb of the opportunity to enter

Japan's failure to enter Airbnb well is because some foreigners are unable to properly take out garbage, so they are against Airbnb.

To be honest, I don't think it's a good idea to let Airbnb guests know how to sort out the garbage, but there are still differences in the separation of garbage from region to region, and even those of us who live there are times when it's difficult to understand.

If Airbnb had successfully entered the market, Japan would have flourished more in tourism, and I think many people would have gone out of loan hell by lending unnecessary rooms.

They lost billions of business opportunities in the sorting of garbage.