Each other and the noise problem

It's been almost two weeks since I rented Airbnb's new house.I got used to the city and didn't have much problems, but when I slept one night, there was a group of people playing music on the shared terrace in the middle of the night.

At first I thought it was acceptable volume, but it became louder and louder, combined with the other person's voice.

And now it's two o'clock in the middle of the night!

I don't think it's a good idea to have a party until this time, but I doubt my nerves as to why I can have a loud party in front of people's houses.

I touched the kitchen window to be careful, but I closed the door and managed to close it because I thought it would be somewhat better if I closed the door of the room.


I was knocked up at two o'clock yesterday, so I made tea while fighting the sleeper.

My wife was stretching in the morning as usual.

Then I heard a knock on the door.

Who would be at this time of the day?

My wife and I opened the door with suspicion, and a white young man stood.

"Can you speak English?"Because I heard that

Oh, and I'm going to say

Apparently, when my wife exercised in the morning, it would sound down, so she asked me to stop.

I apologized to him and he went down as it was.

I'm sorry, but when I sit in a chair and drink tea and calm down,

Come to think of it, I remembered his voice.

Maybe he was the one who was having a party until midnight yesterday!?

When I thought about it, I felt regret for my apology.

No, to be precise, I should have been careful about yesterday's noise.

If we had done that, we would have been like each other and fit in a circle.

At this rate, I'm not one-sidedly evil,

At this time, what I was dissatisfied with was the day when I learned the importance of spitting out immediately.

I need to be stronger on myself.