Restaurants in Istanbul (1)

Hello, I would like to introduce a Turkish restaurant in Istanbul today.

The evaluation was done on my beself.

Cospa is also very good, so please go by all means.

Today's restaurant is a restaurant called SRIKAYA in the city.

The location is very close to the Galata Tower.

The appearance of the shop is here.

The shop is in the basement like a common people's dining room.I was wondering if I should go in somehow, and I was loitering while looking at the menu with my daughter-in-law.

When I hesitated to enter in front of the shop, the clerk came.

He seems to be able to speak a little English.

The inside of the shop is not so dirty, but the floor was a mess because it seemed to be just cleaning.The waiter is smiling and I'm cleaning at this time, so I said I don't care.

I sit while walking on the floor which slips somehow.

By the way, I was presented with a different menu from the board that was on the table, and he taught me the recommended dishes.

At this time, I asked for a dish and juice of 57 Turkish liras.

The main salad came out first, but when I saw it wrapped, I had the impression that I was putting out what I had made in the morning.

I took a wrap and ate it, but it was not bad, but it was not particularly delicious.

After a while, the main dish arrived.

Various places are burnt, and it is possible to say that it might have failed in an instant.

The taste of lamb was delicious, but the others were very common.

But I wanted to know what authentic Turkish food is, so I learned a lot.

The great thing about Turkish cuisine is that even if it fails, the taste is guaranteed to some extent.

Overall Rating: ★★

Location: ★★★

Price: ★

The location is good because it is near the Galata Tower, but the price is not very good compared to what I ate so far.

10 Turkish lira ke pubs are much better.

Well, I think that it is good if it is 900 yen for two people because it is 900 yen even in 57 Turkish lira.

I thought it wasn't the second time.