Time goes by, what is happiness?

Hello, I am writing this blog while opening the window in a hot room in Tokyo now.

Recently, when I get up at 8 o'clock, brush my teeth, clean, change clothes, and eat breakfast, it usually ends around 9 o'clock, but the engine doesn't start easily from that point on.

It's 12:00 now, but aren't you all doing things that are not particularly productive for three hours?

I think it's sad after all, but I get up early in the morning and get tired of work, but

I think that it is possible to know my own growth and to be able to live a meaningful life because of it.

When I thought about what happiness is for human beings, when I read various books, I got an answer like this.

Live by doing what you love

This is often said by people who are doing Youtube.When I saw this title or word at a bookstore, I thought at the time, "I'm spoiled," but after all, when I thought about what it was to work or what to live with, this statement wasn't funny at all.

I think it's rather natural.However, I have lived for a long time now, and I think that there is a weak point only by this word.I think I can get pleasure because I can satisfy myself while I'm doing what I like, but I can't be happy.

For example, if you pass 100 million yen, I think you can use it in various ways at first even if you can use it for anything, but if you get something you get gradually, it will become empty to use it.

Courage to be happy

The courage to be happy is a book that became a best seller in "Courage to Be Happy: Teachings II of Adler," the origin of self-development, but this book says, "It is marriage to be happy."There were quite a lot of negative ways of thinking in the world, but now I can understand it.It is possible to satisfy us by doing what we like earlier, but in the first place, the meaning of our existence is established by others.Without others, the value of money doesn't make sense in the first place.Even if you travel around the world to do what you love and come into contact with it, if you don't have someone to share it with, it's just an empty input.


Now my time is getting too empty.However, I think that there is a big problem in not making the person whom I share it with or turning away.

I want to spend fulfilling days with my partner.