I seriously thought about whether hanko culture is really unnecessary.

There has always been a debate about hanko culture that is not in line with the times, or that it does not use hanko overseas, but I thought about whether hanko culture is really unnecessary.

The background to write an article whether hanko culture is really unnecessary

In the first place, the trigger to write this article was that Hiroyuki and the congressman on Amoeba TV do not follow this remote era?Looking at the battle, (the content of the discussion at that time was about electronic signature, but a little contrary to the purpose of this article .) or each other emotional, there is an impression that we are talking to the logic to ignore the background of the context, I decided to write that it is better to make a proper article.

Is hanko culture a bad thing?

In the first place, is hanko culture a bad thing?The reason why the hanko culture is bad is that you have to carry the red meat with you.It is troublesome to make a hanko, it is outdated, and the world is a sign culture, but to be honest, it is not a reason why the hanko culture is bad.It is a story of a personal selfish level either way.I'll talk about the example of having to carry red meat with me later, but hanko is the act of signing using a tool called a seal, and the signature is the act of signing using a pen.And, because the seal cannot be used easily in the first place, isn't it an excellent signing means from a security point of view to use it for the signature of important documents?So, the reason why the generally said seal is evil is honest, not much reason.

Is it right that the world is a signature culture and that hanko culture is outdated?

This is often said, but certainly the world is a signature culture, and the hanko culture has become unique to Japan and Taiwan.Originally, the seal was used in Chinese culture and Japan was imported from it, but it has been used for a long time.

Is the consideration of outdated correct because the world is doing 100 in the first place?For example, if the world is improving stress with marijuana, should marijuana be followed if it is used worldwide?I think that what the world is doing is the act of being a slave of other people's identity in the first place.If Japan has its own identity, isn't it most important to follow it?If what other countries are doing is objectively correct and clearly wrong in what you are doing, you should correct it, but if you are not objectively wrong, there is no reason not to change it, but there is no reason to change it at the same time.

What is the purpose of hanko and signature in the first place?

Until now, there have been a lot of subjective stories, but I would like to talk objectively from here.In the first place, let's think about what the purpose of the hanko and signature is.The main purpose of both parties is to "sign a formal contract".This is not a reason to abolish the hanko because the hanko and the signature do not go against the purpose.

Next, it is a difference in usage, but the hanko pushes, and the signature is entered into a contract by writing, but the meaning does not change only by the difference of the tool in the meaning that both leave the sign.The hanko also uses ink, the sign also uses the pen, and the pen uses ink.This makes it because they both have exactly the same role as tools, and they are only used differently.With that in mind, it is not a reason to abolish the hanko in terms of achieving the purpose.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of hanko culture and signature culture

Finally, let's actually consider the advantages and disadvantages of the hanko and signature.I tried to table.

Ease of mobile phoneI can carry it with me.I can carry it with me.
It's easy.There is only one in the world, so there is no substitute.Can be substituted for something else
SecurityIt's hard to forge because there's only one in the world.It is possible to make the appearance etc. the same if you imitate the habit of the sign etc.
ReliabilityIt is possible to confirm whether it belongs to the person in question with high accuracy.Because it relies on the habit of the person in question, it is difficult to judge when signed with high accuracy.It is also difficult to write a 100% matching sign every time.
CostIf you make something with high precision, it will be higher.You only have to have a pen.

In this, the disadvantage of the hanko is that there is no ease and cost side, isn't it?However, considering the security aspect and reliability, the fact that the signature is superior to the hanko is nothing but cost and ease.Because of these reasons, it is not convincing that the hanko that has been said for many years is outdated and evil.Also, is it necessary to be easy to sign important sentences in the first place?The hanko used in the intention indication in the day-to-day business may not be meaningful, and it may be good by the sign, but I think that the seal is better for important documents without having to worry about unauthorized use.


How was it?Hanko culture tends to be denied, but considering the advantages and disadvantages in this way, it is undersecles that it is wrong to easily deny the hanko culture.

However, of course, it might be a hand to try it if there is an alternative method with the purpose etc. of the hanko in mind.