Alzheimer's improvement effect on yam ingredients… What happened after all?

I found an old article.

A group of researchers led by Associate Professor Chihiro Higashida, 46, of the Wakan Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Toyama University, found that components contained in yama and other components that improve Alzheimer's disease were found in animal studies. The effect of restoring the lesiond nerve cells is also confirmed, it is expected to lead to the development of therapeutic agents. The ingredients are contained in such as yam, compound geosgenin, which is said to have a tonic effect.In the experiment, mice with Alzheimer's disease were injected for 20 consecutive days by 0.12 mg per day.Then, when the memory was tested, while the mouse that had not been injected showed a reaction such as seeing for the first time to the object seen 30 minutes ago, the injected mice recognized as a known object as well as normal mice. Alzheimer's disease is caused by the accumulation of proteins called amyloid beta betas in the brain, causing a series of protrusions extending from nerve cells,"axons", which cause lesions and cause memory problems.Experiments found that the administration of geosgenin reduced amyloid beta by about 70%, and that axons had returned to normal conditions.

When I looked into the article, it was already 2012 and it was eight years ago.

After that, it seems that it does not become a medicine only to be effective if it examines what happened further.Alzheimer's is an incurable disease, so I want you to do something about it.