A story about having a tea with Thai sesame

It's strange because when you're approaching Turkey, you'll want to meet somebody when it's time to travel.

No, this may be normal, but this trip is long and half a year, and it doesn't last forever, so I don't need to put my elbows on it so much, but somehow I met many people. I want to stay ahead.

So, when I looked at past LINE messages, I tried to contact a Thai restaurant that I met on the internet.I used to chat, but I couldn't meet him.

I met a Thai food

I decided to meet at the Kasai station at 1 pm.

It was a sweltering heat that day, so it was tough to wait in front of the station, so I decided to meet Doutor.She came about 10 minutes late and sat down.

He had a beautiful face, but he still felt like a man.

My chest was slightly bulging, is it genuine?

The voice was clearly a male voice.

The seats at Doutor were small, so I decided to use the seats for two people by sticking the seats for two people because the seats at the back were vacant.