Coronavirus is just a cold, isn't it?

When I say something like this, I'm going to get bashed, but I'd like to dare to say it.

Coronavirus is actually just a cold, isn't it?

The mortality rate seems to rise to 15 percent in the 80s, but 0.1 percent of people in their 30s and 40s stand this is exactly the same ratio as seasonal flu.

A U.S. paper states that seasonal flu should not be simply compared to coronavirus.

It is said that the lethal rate is different in each country as a reason.

Well, the mortality rate will be different in countries with good medical systems and bad countries, it is the same as seasonal flu.

I can't help but doubt a lot about this corona.

The world is using more media power than necessary to fuel the threat of viruses.

Pcr test also approaches more than necessary can not hide the fishy smell somehow.

If it is a lethality rate of 10 percent, it is certainly necessary to be frightened, but if it is 0.1%, should not only take normal measures?

I mean, the world is making too much noise than necessary, and even the shadows seem to have a black-and-white curtain that stirs up.

From here on out, there is no basis for it, but this incident has created a major economic impact around the world except China.

Many companies went bankrupt in Japan.

Moreover, china which is the source of the infection makes an unknown face, and the government of each country which is chased by the correspondence is blamed to be unreasonable.

I think that the other party who is blamed is different if it is originally.

China will start economic activities ahead of the rest of the world, and the world that has falled behind will be ahead of China while warming up in corona.

China is not particularly a tourism-rich country, so border closures are not much of a blow.

In other countries that are enriched by tourism, the power of the country collapses while it is playing in corona.

China has recently put a little trouble on the borders of other countries, but this time seasonal influenza has terrified the world as if it were a virus of fear.

I suspect that we are preparing for war.

Or maybe they're waiting for a preemptive strike by some country.

In any case, what we have to do is take measures against the usual seasonal wind flu.

I wonder if it is not to live as usual.

When it comes to corona, it is said that there are taste disorders and sequelae, but the same thing occurs even in seasonal flu.

You'll get better in a week.

But if you lose your way of working, you'll be more scared.