How to branding (1) [Design]

Hello, branding is an important element of design for designers.Branding is simply "that product speaking of 100" and "this symbol mark is that service" … It refers to activities that cause awareness, such as.I write variously difficult on the net, but the point can be said to be the act of recalling the image to the other party.

So, it is written in various ways in the book and the net of the branding, but I saw the article that I am writing only the technique without explanation and concrete that I do not understand well now, and I thought that this was not enough and wrote about the branding that can actually be used this time.

So as for the content, "What is branding?"Rather than talking about it, I would like to tell you how to define a brand and incorporate it into the visual or design.Here, I'd like to explain the branding of the app with a concrete example.

Let's define the concept first.

Branding should first be a concept.The concept does not mean the purpose of "wanting to be like this" or "wanting to do this", but rather a word that means "basic idea throughout" and "consistent way of thinking from beginning to end".For example, in Otoya, the concept is "another dining table."Therefore, when designing Otoya, it is necessary to design with an awareness of "another dining table".Instead of making a restaurant, it's a place where all the family members get together and relax and enjoy their meals.

So how do you decide on a concept?

Collect your stakes holders

The first important thing to decide on a concept is to gather stakes holders (people who have the power to decide on a project).In the case of this branding, it is a person to prevent other people from turning over even if other people put tea later, such as designer, manager, PO (project owner) president, manager, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the person who chooses carefully.For your information, we will tell you from the selection of stakes holders according to the size of the company.

Venture with five employees

All or the president and the person who has feelings for the product

About 30 employees

The president or the manager and about five major members, if you do with the manager, to show the deliverables to the president and get approval

Large companies

Call project leaders, product owners, and about five people who are likely to be involved

What's important here is to keep the number of members to about five, regardless of the size of the company.

The because if there are too many, it will be out of control later.

Venting keywords about your product

Now, let's vent the keywords about the product now that we have gathered members!

First, derive the concept of the brand and decide on the key "keywords" that are important for design creation.By verbalizing abstract concepts (= keywords), you can have a common image among staff, and you can do more specific work and instructions in the process of creating a design.

As a way to put out the keyword, write down the keywords and images associated with your company's app.It is an image of the app that I want you to be originally rather than the image of the current state to the last.Because branding is the act of creating the original identity of the app.

Scrutinize the keywords that you think are most important to your keywords

Next, I will choose the keyword that is most suitable for the brand of the app from the keyword that I put out earlier.For example, let's say the keywords "eat" and "eat" came out.Both have the same meaning, but the nuances are different."Eat" sounds like a common word, and "eating" gives a little more rough image.

We will carefully choose words while imagining the shape of the brand that our company is aiming for.

It's going to be long, so I'll do it here today!

If there is a response, I will write the continuation again.Well, stay tuned!